Special Rewards for Report Cards

Outstanding Report Cards Earn Special Rewards


        The Daily Reporter newspaper of Greenfield has a special incentive program for all students 1st – 6th grade who receive an outstanding report card.  Each grading period that a student or the parents feel that the child has an outstanding report card; the student can take that report to the Daily Reporter, 22 West New Road and pick up a Backsack of goodies, courtesy of the Daily Reporter.  Inside the Backsack, there are coupons and gift certificates from local businesses.  Rewarding students for a “job well done” is a partnership of The Daily Reporter, Ponderosa Steakhouse, Greenfield Parks and Recreation, Legacy Cinema, Kingdom Martial Arts Academy, Papa Murphy’s Pizza, Walmart, Dairy Queen, X-Site, Qdoba, Jim Dandy Restaurant, Boys and Girls Club and the Hancock County Public Library.

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